Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape ( Outside My Window)

Saturday is not a good day for publishing a post.

My statistics show it is a day with the least number of viewers in the week.

I usually upload my post in the morning; which is Friday night in the USA.

Over one-third of my readers are from the States, many others are from the English speaking countries and almost none from mainland China ( I surmise WordPress is not popular or forbidden in China).

I can only conclude people are more interested in going out than reading blogs on a Friday night.

So, I am left with the choice of not uploading any post at all on Saturday or uploading something which is mediocre or something which takes little time and efforts to prepare.. DSCF0847

The latter is not a good choice as readers may perceive that the standard on my blog is mediocre ( maybe, this actually is the case!).

OK, as for today, I will just upload a picture which shows the landscape outside my living room.

It has been taken effortlessly with a zoom lens, so it shows only part of the scenery – the more attractive part!

It shows layers of trees when we were getting close to Autumn.

The mountain behind is called the Pat Sin Range – a mountain with eight small humps at the top. Literally translated, it means a range of Eight Fairies.