The Three Gorges Picture

If I were to show one picture for my cruise down the Yangtze River on the Three Gorges section, this will be the picture.DSCF6175A

The sun was setting and there were layers of the gorges of different shades of colour in front of me.

The breeze was gently caressing my face; if not for that, it didn’t occur to me that the place is real.

It is sort of picture that one can travel through.

80 thoughts on “The Three Gorges Picture

  1. The composition. The converging lines, the colours… This could well be one your best shots my friend. Worth displaying on a huge screen. (I took the liberty of saving it to my computer… I hope you don’t mind)

  2. Oh, my god. This is strikingly lovely. I suspect what I’m seeing is air pollution, which we have in the form of volcano ‘vog,’ here in Hawaii. But doesn’t it diffuse the light! I have taken some of the most lovely photos, as a result!

    • The picture would have been more dramatic if I did the cruise before they filled it up with water for the big dam – the gorges would look much deeper.

  3. That is a fabulous image. I was fortunate enough to travel down the three gorges before it was flooded and found it exceedingly beautiful. I’m not sure what it would look like now.

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