The Langkawi Picture

I am at a lost to know which picture I should upload to best show Langkawi, Malaysia.

The beaches in Langkawi are superb – white fine sandy beaches, pristine blue waters – what else can you ask for ?DSC_0096

The sunset at Langkawi is also breathtaking.

I don’t know how to pick between these two photos.dsc_0017A

They are dreamy pictures.

So, as a special circumstance, I am picking both of these pictures.

35 thoughts on “The Langkawi Picture

  1. The second one is very good. Composition, lighting, colour… And it tells a story of walking by the sunset. But it’s a man-made bridge (Your field) πŸ™‚
    The first one reminds me of the African sea of my childhood. Raw nature. (There’s probably a McDonald just around the corner) πŸ˜‰

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