The WuYiShan Picture

Floating down the Nine Bend river on a bamboo raft was one of the scaring moments on this trip.

It was on a cold and raining day when we did this trip.

The rain was falling hard and beating against our body.CIMG0267

Mist has fallen on us.

The WuYi mountains were covered with mist that kept crawling down.

How did we feel – we were almost frightened!


6 thoughts on “The WuYiShan Picture

  1. Thanks for the post. I came across your site 24 hrs ago while looking for canola flower fields which I saw in Germany 2 yrs ago. And I stumbled upon the awesome rainbow flowers. Since there was a sign “share facebook” I posted only to myself the canola field and rainbow flowers. I enjoy viewing beautiful sites from earth porn and other sites–When I post samples of EARTH’s BEAUTY, I remark that we should save” our beautiful and wonderful world “by living together in PEACE. !!


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