The ZhangJiaJie Picture

This is the land which inspired Avatar.

We were strolling among the mist; viewing the strange forest of limestone columns.DSC_0095A

There were so many tall columns, some of which do look like those from Avatar.

I was especially interested in this column top where they have trees on top.

This is just another fairy tale story!

64 thoughts on “The ZhangJiaJie Picture

  1. Zhangjiajie is awesome and I want to go there again if I can. Simply love the National Park but unfortunately our guide are not so keen on this National Forest so we only had been to here for only a few hours – the two times we were there.
    Amazing beautiful capture and have a wonderful Tuesday, Michael.

  2. Your photographs are so amazingly beautiful and are of the unknown distant lands to me. This picture simply draws me towards it, to escape the daily rising temperatures of this place where I live.
    Thanks you for sharing the mystically beautiful picture that so reminds me of the hill stations in North India.

  3. What a blessing to be able to see such amazing creations with your own eyes! Thrilling Michael! And yet the Bible says “eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for them that love Him.”

    I have been thinking of you Michael. I have not been receiving your posts in a while. I guess wordpress is having a problem with their mailing system. Its great to see you today. How is your mother?

    • I think the WordPress Follow system has some problems, it soon lost the following.
      I am now a care giver for my mom. As such, I don’t leave this place for any long periods. You haven’t missed much from my blog; I am only repeating some of the themes and showing some photos which I didn’t venture to show in the past.
      Mom’s disease is unlikely to be curable. Every day, I pray to the Lord and also St. Peregrine, Saint for cancer patient hoping that God will have mercy on mom and she will be given the grace of a happy death.
      She will receive her CT scan report in a day’s time, I hope there is nothing in there we cannot battle against.
      I thank you again for praying for us at a time when I felt despair and needed some spiritual support. Regards, Michael

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