Help Our Momma – An Introductory Post

My original intention of creating this blog was to share anything of interest with friends. After four years of blogging, I have added other objectives such as helping others or spreading the faith. Today I am reblogging Christopher’s post as we share similar experience. Both of our mothers are suffering from colon cancer and are being treated on chemotherapy. I am reblogging Christopher’s post to see if any of my readers can help his situation.

Help Our Momma


Just in doing so you might make a HUGE difference to our small, humble little family.

“What situation prompted you to start a fundraiser?”

I’m making this campaign really for my Mom and my twelve year old Brother. I’m 28 years old and although I wish that I were at a place in life where I had the financial freedom and fiscal responsibility to provide for my family in their time of need; unfortunately, I am ill equipped and what little money I make is barely able enough to meet my own needs; much less provide for the rest of my family.

But this isn’t about me this is about my Mom, Judi Hunsuckle. On February 9th of this year (the day after my birthday of all things, go figure) my mom went in for a routine doctors appointment…

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Discoveries in My Morning Hike

Woke up this morning, I was wondering whether I should be making my morning hike as there were some thunder storms during the night.

The treks will be soggy and maybe even slippery.

We have the wettest April in 60 years and I have not been able to hike for worrying that the paths are too slippery.

The sun has come out and I decided to take a chance.

Half an hour into the walk, I noticed these white flowers fallen on the trek; they are still fresh and not trampled over. They look like a painting.IMG_1861

Continuing on, I was somewhat surprised by what I saw.IMG_1863

A little red crab was blocking my way. I was quite puzzled as I have never seen them before at this hillside location.

OK, the crab maybe 20 meters away from a mountain stream. I gather these crabs are amphibious. He was looking quite angry at me with his little bright eyes.IMG_1869

Then continuing on, deeper into the forest was this tree which still has some red maple leaves at this time of the year.

All I had was a smartphone. The tree is a bit out of focus, but never mind, I know my readers will forgive me with the somewhat blur picture.IMG_1870

Then I stumbled on some fungi or mushrooms on a tree stump. I know some of them are poisonous.

Towards the end of my hike, I found another tree stump.IMG_1872

It looks rather abstract, with some fungi attaching to it.

I was thinking of the theme for this week’s Photo Challenge – Abstract – does it look abstract.

I wish I had taken a proper camera with me.

Anyway, please enjoy the pictures – as much as I have enjoyed my early morning walk.