The Lake Barrine Picture

We spent a day out at the Lake Barrine, north of Cairns in Australia.

Having lunch out there and taking a boat ride in the lake is unforgettable.

There are many pictures taken there I like, as the lake and the environs are so serene, full of flora, fauna, birds and even snakes.CIMG0536B

Many of the beautiful pictures, however, have my wife in them. The only one which I can find without any person is posted here.

Very picturesque indeed!


50 thoughts on “The Lake Barrine Picture

    • Wow. It is so good to see museums lend their paintings to others. I haven’t gone to Giverny. Yet, but there two museums that I love in Paris: Marmottan and L’orangerie, both display some of Monet’s masterpieces. Lucky you. Enjoy the exhibition.

    • Thank you, my PC has crashed – I can only work with my wife’s iPad. It looks like I may not be able to blog until my PC is repaired.

    • My wife and others are persuading me to do the same. If I cannot fixed the PC I expensively, I might do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Scrap the PC. Go new. PC’s will always “screw up”. Buy a Mac, you will be thrilled. I installed my Mac in less than 2 hours, mails, apps, Office, etc. 🙂

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