Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

This week’s DP Photo Challenge is Faces.

At the Bayon Temple in Cambodia, there sits 216 gigantic faces of the Buddha.CSC_0302A

Many of them are arranged in a minaret of four faces looking in four orthogonal directions.

The faces look similar but, in fact, each of them is different – they are all hand crafted.DSC_0399

Here, I have handpicked three of the faces which I found most impressive.

They all seem to be smiling; they all look benevolent too.IMGP1185

They are all mesmerizing, please enjoy 🙂

34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

    • Actually, apart from the middle image, the other two were not taken as B&W photos – there was many colors in the area, almost monochromatic!

  1. Wow, I also used Cambodian Buddha face for my post, but definitely not as gigantic as Bayon 😀 I haven’t had a chance to visit Bayon, hopefully next time..

  2. I often wonder about Buddha..he was a prince who renounced everything but he was immortalized by his followers themselves in the arts and architecture – which is what a king would have PAID the artisans to do! So in the end, he was still a king but not by virtue of his birth but by virtue of his deeds..

  3. Mesmerizing is the right word. The combination of Buddha’s heads, the way the stone has acquired patina and the jungle everywhere makes for a powerful combination. I need to go. (Have you also gone to Borobudur?)

    • Boroburdur and Mount Bromo are my reasons for going back to Indonesia, if I ever make it again. Right now, their domestic planes are risky and the country is still corrupted.

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