Flame of The Forest

This is the season for the blooming of the Flame of The Forest.

This morning, I have a delightful walk along the seaside promenade garden in Tai Po, Hong Kong.IMG_1960 (1)

My walk took me past this Flame of Forest tree. There are many around in the area while I was driving there.

These photos are captured with my smartphone; so please don’t expect them to be of very high quality.IMG_1962 (1)

I have always like these trees in full bloom.

In Winter, they shed all the leaves and the trees become bare.IMG_1964

This time of the year, they are just like a flame , on tops of the trees.

Understand that’s how they got the name – people looking from afar thought the trees are on fire.IMG_1961

What a beautiful fire!

53 thoughts on “Flame of The Forest

  1. They are very colorful. We have bottle-brush trees here that are that color, but I don’t think I’ve seen any that big! gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • The bigger they are, the harder they are to fit into a picture. We have the Giant Sequoia trees near where we live. You have to get back so far, and it’s great to have a person next to them to show how huge they are. But our trees are not beautifully colored as your Fire Trees. 🙂

    • Contrast makes a great picture. I remember a picture my dad took years ago of a maple tree in the fall. Red leaves against bright blue sky-gorgeous! We need contrast!

  2. out here in India we have a different tree by name flame of forest. This looks more like a Gulmohar tree in India in terms of tree layout!

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