Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare ( from the Atomic Bomb)

This week’s DP Photo Challenge is Spare.

This is a building spared from the destruction by the atomic bomb.

Anybody walks past it would be thrown into deep reflection of what has happened on that fateful day in 1945.DSCF0252

This building in Hiroshima was almost the only building that stood up and preserved.

Many questions were asked and still unanswered – why did the tragic war start and why such tragic measure was used to end the war?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.



36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare ( from the Atomic Bomb)

    • I understand conflicts / wars are classified by levels. Are we having class 3 conflicts so as to reduce a class 5 war? Or a class 3 conflict will make a class 5 war closer to happen, I don’t really know. Please note I forget how these are classified.

  1. Beautiful photo; I would love to see Hiroshima one day. We can learn so much from what happened in that city.

  2. Like the saying: ‘The one thing man has never learned from history is to learn from history.’ It seems war has been happening as far back as we can remember, in different countries with different peoples fighting different peoples. It seems to be deep in the human psyche. It’s baffling why, still, in this day and age men cannot sit down and talk.

  3. Thanks for the image Michael. A haunting reminder of the atrocities of war, and one that our generation will not easily forget. I will be visiting Hiroshima later this month at part of a four week exploration of Japan.

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