Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

I always wonder how long those DP Weekly Photo Challenges last.

Each of them has a definite starting point – when it is announced every Saturday.

However, is there any end point? I don’t honestly know .13340262_1348468355170301_2618324956684532844_o

Here I presume it has no end point, all interested bloggers can still upload their posts on the Challenge once the challenge is announced.

Here are a couple of photos my friend YM Chan has taken at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and  Museum, Glasgow, Scotland.13403142_1348468361836967_2847152223355739702_o

They show so many faces of different expressions. These are so relevant to the theme that makes me want to contribute to the challenge.


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

  1. I recognize these! When we lived in Argyll, almost every time we trekked into the city we would stop into the Kelvingrove. My kids liked trying to replicate the expressions on these hanging head sculptures.

  2. We enjoyed spending the better part of a day at Kelvingrove a couple of weeks ago during our recent visit to Scotland. It’s a well-organized museum and art gallery. We even listened to an organ concert while eating lunch at their cafe.

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