The Dark Sky Reserve in Namibia

It is amazing that the Namibia desert is declared as a Dark Sky Reserve. The following is quoted from an article in CNN:
It’s so far from any human center that the light pollution is non-existent, meaning the night skies are among the darkest on Earth.
The International Dark-Sky Association, the go-to authority on light pollution, has certified the region as one of its Dark Sky Reserves because of the spectacular starry night.
What’s most amazing about a sky so dark is how bright it actually is.
The Milky Way stretches overhead, with the Magellanic Clouds in bursts of light to the side.
Familiar constellations of the southern skies suddenly have millions of neighbors.
These groupings are normally invisible even from small towns.
This is how humans saw the sky for thousands of years.ae64efed-84fc-4672-933f-d204cd01b8ee
Perhaps the picture here taken by my wife helps to explain the Dark Sky Reserve in Namibia.