Rudale Palace in Latvia (6)


I was wondering whether these two pictures are more suited to this week’s DP Photo Challenge on the theme of Pure.

As I entered into the palace, some of the figures on the ceiling attracted my attention.DSC_0219A

They all show babies in their pure form.

I am not sure of the stories behind these figures, maybe, some of the readers can advise.

As a matter of fact, these pictures were quite difficult to be taken as the whole thing was in off white color.DSC_0218A

This is how the Palace is introduced in Wikipedia:

Rundāle Palace , formerly also Ruhenthal and Ruhendahl is one of the two major baroque palaces built for the Dukes of Courland  in what is now Latvia, the other being Jelgava Palace. The palace was built in two periods, from 1736 until 1740 and from 1764 until 1768. It is situated at Pilsrundāle, 12 km west of Bauska.

6 thoughts on “Rudale Palace in Latvia (6)

  1. Lovely photos. The little children are called Putti. They are a common figure in Baroque architecture, they appear in Palaces and Churches. They are usually at play and or make fun of more serious figures being depicted. They represent innocence and mischief in childhood. They are also inspired from Italian architecture and design of the Baroque era (1570-1720) The Putti are very common in Italy and used for great effect to distract the viewer or inspire a thought.

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