Social Weaver’s Communal Nest

These are some of the biggest bird nests I have come across in pictures.

They are so big that I cannot believe it.P1030190

The pictures were taken by my wife in Namibia, Africa.

I would like to see pictures of weaver birds leaving or entering the bird’s nest.P1030191

Instead of ordinary houses, these birds prefer mansions.

Understand the nest is for communal living!



28 thoughts on “Social Weaver’s Communal Nest

  1. I’m here visiting in Ohio at my daughter’s home- her last name is Weaver (married James Weaver) I’ve got to see what those birds look like.

  2. I’ll bet this led to a great increase in the number of google searches for weaver birds! I certainly searched right away, and was pleased to learn about that beautiful yellow bird with some very unusual living habits! Thanks for teaching!

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