Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

This week’s DP Photo Challenge is Narrow.

We came across some narrow gaps while we hiked in the past.DSC_0139

These pictures were taken in Zhangjiajie in China, which is famous for their numerous limestone columns.DSC_0133

The topography was much eroded, leaving tall and narrow stones columns jutting up to the sky.

In many places, erosion has started, leaving narrow gaps between the land form too.DSC_0077

In other places, we have a narrow view of mountains between columns; making the place very interesting.

Looking Down from the Sand Dunes

This panoramic picture is surreal!

This is what you see looking down from the top of a sand dune in Namibia, Africa.P1030339

The several persons walking in the desert let us realize the scale of things.

The desert is so vast and the place so bleak!

Picture taken by my wife earlier last month.



The Ascent

I have climbed some sand dunes before but never as high as these sand dunes in Namibia.

Usually, the tour guides will give you some guidance for the climb.P1030277

These rules, although quite common sense, should best be followed.

You started off the climb as early in the day as possible, say just before sunrise. Of course, it will be best if you go there in the cooler season.P1030273

You stay on the dark side of the dune – so that the sand is not as hot.

You walk bare feet.P1030280

Don’t forget to bring snacks and water.

Always conserve your energy; make sure that you have energy to climb up to the very top.P1030281

Have a mask ready in case the wind blows up a lot of sand.

These pictures were taken by my wife earlier last month in Namibia, Africa.



Flamingos in Namibia

I like looking at a big flock of flamingos.

Greater flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) breed at large, flooded shallow salt pans as well as coastal mudflats, inland dams, small ephemeral rivers, river mouths and sewage treatment works. Flocks of tens to tens of thousands, usually with lesser flamingos, are common.P1030376.MP4_snapshot_00.03_[2016.07.27_11.32.58]

The population is scattered in southern, central and northern Namibia.


Their long legs are especially adapted for wading in the water.

Both pictures were taken by my wife last month in Namibia, Africa.

Sunrise in Namibia

I like sunrise, but as always, I am too lazy to get up very early in the morning.

Sometimes, I do make the effort to rise up very early, but this is rare.P1030233

As a result, I ended up with few sunrise pictures and lots of sun set pictures in my archive.

The first one is a picture of an endless road in Namibia, taken against a sun rise.P1030220

The other picture mainly shows the Namibia sky and clouds.

The last one was taken when the sun has completely risen; showing the lodgings and a curvy footpath.P1030225

All photos were taken by my wife in her trip to Namibia, Africa last month.

Baby Elephant and Mom

Wildlife photography can be a difficult subject for the ordinary tourists.

You are probably on a moving vehicle and you cannot resort to a tripod.IMG_0056

The animals need first to be located and you are not able to get very close to them.

The usual compact camera with a limited zoom means that you are unable to capture their photos in any detail.IMG_0054

The camera will need to be hand held. The zoom means that the picture will become coarser, the shake and the zoom mean that you do not have a picture of good resolution.

Here are a couple of photos with baby elephants in them, all taken by my wife in Namibia. Please enjoy.


Details of the Elephant

Here are two close up pictures taken of the elephants in Namibia, Africa.

I like the texture of the skin it shows up.P1030521

The direction of the sunlight has exaggerated a bit of the wrinkles on the skin.

The other one shows the details around the eyes and the ears of the elephant.P1030593.MP4_snapshot_00.03_[2016.07.23_15.07.09]

The credit of the pictures go to my wife who took the photos earlier last month.

King of the Beasts (2)

This is an impressionist picture; as it was taken at a considerable distance with a hand held zoom.

It can be compared to an impressionist painting that even the grass is a bit fuzzy.

This is the animal that is used in many symbols, logos, emblems, statutes of many cultures and countries, for many centuries.P1030640A

There is a silence in the wilderness just before this animal appears.

Many animals are so frightened and fled before or when the lion appears.

He is the king of beasts; a symbol of strength and bravery.

Picture taken by my wife in Namibia, Africa last month.

Birds in Namibia

Here are photos of some of the birds which my wife has taken earlier last month in Namibia, Africa.P1030626

Not surprisingly, I am not able to identify the names of any of these birds.P1030483

While I can name a few of the local birds here in HK, these birds are beyond my recognition.P1030687

If you know the names of these birds, hope you would be kind enough to share.P1030685

Thank you!P1030627