Wildebeest in Namibia

I don’t like the look of the wildebeest.

I can’t stand seeing them in a group.P1030543.MP4_snapshot_00.03_[2016.07.01_21.11.52]

Here is a photo which shows a group of them in action which I have extracted from a burst of photos.

I am glad that my wife has taken a group of these beasts in action.

16 thoughts on “Wildebeest in Namibia

  1. Why don’t you like them,Michael?It is such fun watching them rolling in the dust or just running up and down.Looking into their soulful brown eyes,makes you realise they are one of Africa’s magnificant beasts.

  2. Funny you don’t like them. They’re not pretty but they are totally harmless, not like buffaloes. And large herds are quite impressive. That shot extraction is very good.

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