Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up (Tall Buildings)

Hong Kong is a vertical city.

Unless you go to the rural areas, everywhere you go, looking up, you will find tall buildings.DSCF3221

Interesting, the concentration of people in vertical buildings does not make the city less green than other places. One example being that this concentration makes the use of mass transportation means more energy effective and less air pollution.

It is not uncommon for tall buildings to be built on top of mass transit or rail stations too.CIMG3632

Hong Kong  has at least 7,827 high rise buildings, with no fewer than 1,294skyscrapers standing taller than 100 m (328 ft) and at least 315 buildings over 150 m (492 ft) in height. The tallest of these skyscrapers is the 118-storey International Commercail Centre, completed in 2010, which stands 484 m (1,588 ft) and is the ninth tallest in the world. CIMG3631

The total built-up height (combined heights) of these skyscrapers is approximately 333.8 km (207 mi), making Hong Kong the world’s tallest urbanagglomeration. Furthermore, reflective of the SAR’s high population densities, Hong Kong has more people living at the 15th floor or higher, more number of buildings of at least 100 m (328 ft) and 150 m (492 ft) height than any other place in the world.CIMG3624

A common sight in Hong Kong is the curtain wall as the facade.

Sometimes, looking up makes you feel daunting or even scary.