Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare (Puppet Door )

This week’s theme for photo challenge is Rare.

I like seeing puppets; but they are getting very rare in the city I live.

I have this rare sighting in Prague.

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

In a puppet shop, they have puppets hanging on two leaves of their shop door.

This is the largest number of puppets I have ever seen in the open.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare (Puppet Door )

  1. Hi Michael: You have so many “rare” encounters! All good posts! About this picture taken in Prague, where did you take it?

    I found something rare recently…I joined an online class on Vernacular Architecture via an email from HKU Alumni. Take a look! I will share my experience in future postings too. It was a pleasant and interesting learning experience.


    • Haven’t heard from you for a very long – makes me wonder what you were doing!
      It’s great that you have taken this course . From a glance, it has some topics I like.
      I worked on a book on New Towns in Asia. The book was rewritten many times by my colleagues of my previous company.
      It was eventually published last year known as The Jigsaw City – I coined the words Jigsaw.
      The book is available from Oro or Amazon.
      Best regards, Michael

    • Hello, Michael. Yes, I have been hibernating from blogging, working on a lot of stuff, and traveling too. Yes, some courses are interesting to me too. I passed this architecture class where most students are young and more knowledgeable on this subject. Well, i am a social worker, not an architect in training. But I like to learn new things, all the time. How come I am not aware of your new book. Let me know exactly the name. Congrats! Ha ha, we can form a writers’ club! In fact there is a writer conference. I have joined but never went to any conference. I will give you the information if I find them.

      I just posted something related to my class. Check it out and comment! See you later!

    • The book is known as Jigsaw City published by Oro, available from Amazon.
      I was invited to the launching ceremony as I was the one in my company who proposed the book. This book was a lot different from the first two drafts which I was involved.\
      In any case, glad to be in touch with you again!

    • There are many Michael Lai’s on Amazon.com. But none authored Jigsaw City. Did you publish other books?

      I found one book under the title of Jigsaw City by two different authors.

    • Is it this one? It seems quite interesting. I may order one.

      Jigsaw City: AECOM’s Redefinition of the Asian New Town Hardcover – April 1, 2016

      by Daniel Elsea (Author), Clare Jacobsen (Author)

    • Yes, this is the one and quite costly too. Sometime ago, there is a free download on the web.
      Mind you, this is also a marketing tool for my previous company AECOM.
      I know Daniel, one of the authors.

    • Yes, Prague is one of my favorite cities, where you can buy some interesting things. I bought a small water flask, with very artistic decor, only available in NYC apart from Prague. Everybody likes it. But it is not available here. Not even on line. These puppets look very interesting!

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