Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge ( of the Adriatic Sea )

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is Edge.

I came closest to the Adriatic sea when I traveled on Hvar Island, Croatia.dscf0610

Strolling round the edges of the island everyday was my favorite pastime.

I have never seen a sea that blue and water so clear and azure.

Gazing out to the sea gave me the serenity.dscf0472

The coastline with the local trees was so picturesque.

The weather was good with plenty of sunshine – an ideal place for a photographer.dscf0474

Here are some photos taken of the edges of the island.

Invariably, they have beautiful trees and plants complementing the beautiful coast.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge ( of the Adriatic Sea )

  1. Hi, Michael. So happy to have stumbled upon your posts. You are one of a kind nature photographer. In all your photos, you capture that feeling which ignites my sense of beauty, seeing beauty in unexpected places! I love the sunset, the blue water, all forms of water. I’ve been in and out of Hongkong and Malaysia (being our neighbor countries!). I’ve experienced the Adriatic Sea coast during my travels in Italy but your photos give me a much deeper appreciation of the striking beauty of the world only the Almighty God can create for us. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of Croatia (where I dream to visit one day, also Montenegro & Bosnia). Your dexterity in handling a camera is a rarity, creating incredibly enchanting, fascinating and captivating photos of nature.

    • Glad to hear from you!
      Many thanks for the comments and the kind words.
      I am grateful that the Lord has allowed me visiting these places and give me the skills in taking snap shots.

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