Weekly photo Challenge: Nostalgia ( Pavilion )

This week’s photo challenge is Nostalgia.

I have always associated pavilion with nostalgia.

In the modern built areas, we are building less and less pavilion.4290189150_20965bd575_o

This pavilion in the middle of West Lake, Hangzhou China is a classic example of the Chinese style pavilion.

The silhouette in the B&W picture  reminds me of days long gone.dscf6359

The colour picture is a picture I feel there is a big scope for improvement.

I like being able to access the pavilion through the stone bridge on water.

12 thoughts on “Weekly photo Challenge: Nostalgia ( Pavilion )

  1. Are you referring to the purple hue when you say “big scope for improvement”? Whether the hue is true to what the eye saw or not, this is a lovely hue to get lost in! And I rather like the composition – nice capture of both pavilion and lake surrounding.

    • The blue hue is natural – it was a cold hazy morning at the lake. the original photo lost focus, I cut off a large tree on the left, still the picture doesn’t seem to have a focus.

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