The Light that Shone on the Great Wall

We were there at the best of time for the Great wall.

It was Autumn and the air was crispy clean.

The sun has started its descending path.cimg2747

The light fell softly on the foliage on both sides of the Wall.

Not only that, the light has illuminated the walls, giving them a last touch of warmth.

We were blessed to be there, at the right time and the right place.

24 thoughts on “The Light that Shone on the Great Wall

    • Hi there, Michael … things are great. Off to Istanbul on Sunday for a couple of days. We got the first snow during the night … I hope things are well with you and the family. I thought you been on a trip this autumn.

    • Michael, sorry to read about your mum … tough when our parents are getting older, but it’s the circle of life. Turkey I haven’t seen much of .. but Istanbul is a magical city. Still a bit problems, but it seems like they have moved to the tourist resorts with their bombs, but can never be too sure. Terrible, but they are trying their best to damage Turkey’s best income … the tourists.

    • Even over 5 years ago, when we were in Istanbul there was quite a bit of demonstration and unrest. For many countries, those who hate their government usually try to damage their tourism – same with Egypt which started many years ago, shooting tourists at the Valley of Kings.
      Safe travels!

    • Yes, tourism is big business in many countries … and it’s an easy target. I think under the surface there is a lot going on, the man is utterly mad. Terrible!!! Thanks, I promise to stay safe.

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