Castle in the Air

Watching the sea of clouds is one of my favorites.

There are mountains like HuangShan in China which is famous for this.

Today, I am taking you to a place I have not yet visited.15370202_1530070210343447_2394227304587748112_o-1

It is known as the Castle in the Air when translated literally.

The picture was taken by my classmate YM Chan in Japan recently.

The place just looks surreal!

Credit of the photo: YM Chan.


14 thoughts on “Castle in the Air

    • Xi Xie, brother Michael. Happy New 2017. Although you guys celebrate the new year a bit later. (I just came back from Colombia where there was very little Internet)
      Lots of good health to all.
      Take care.

    • Hi Brother, we are near 10am, I am usually up before 8am. Time difference is better than the East Coast, 12-13 hours ahead – difficult in finding suitable time slots for communication.
      When I worked for a truly global company, with offices in New Zealand, Australia, Middle East, India, Europe and main office in LA, it was a real nightmare to do a teleconferencing. As a compromise, I have to talk at 6:00 or 5:00am so that everybody can participate!

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