Pencil Sketch and Photo – Hong Kong

I like doing pencil sketches when I was a kid.

I even ventured into drawing with charcoal pencils.

It would take me hours but I could be totally engrossed in it.

Even in my retirement, I no longer have the patience or mood of going back into pencil drawings.

As an alternative, I am now into photography, which gives me instant results of my work.

In lieu of pencil drawing, I am now into calligraphy.  As some readers said, it is like doing Tai Qi on paper.

Here are two photos. The pencil sketch one is converted from the color one by using a software.

I guess it will take me a life time to draw it with all the small details!



42 thoughts on “Pencil Sketch and Photo – Hong Kong

  1. I love the pencil sketch you did. I’ve recently gone into colour-pencil drawings as well – unfortunately these take a tremendous amount of time and patience!

  2. Very true, Michael, it would take you forever to draw the minute details of that beautiful scenery. Where are you based at now? I too am soon to take my second retirement. Travelling soon, my friend. Got tips for Taiwan?

    • Hi Jan,
      With the blessings from God, she has survived the surgery about 2.5 years up till now. God has been treating her kindly. We know that she has no cure and has been receiving palliative chemo for almost two years. The Lord has been exceedingly kind to us.
      Thanks again for your prayers and all those who have prayed for my mom.
      For those who believe ( which we must do ), this is an answer from God.
      Best wishes,

    • Thank you for the update on your mom Michael. We have a compassionate God who delights in our coming to Him with our burdens and longings. Every day is a gift and walking with Jesus, our Good Shepherd, makes each day sweeter!❤️👍. God bless you!

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