10 thoughts on “The Reclining Golden Buddha in the Grand Palace, Bangkok

    • I decided to have three pictures each day. The three postures are for illustration only. There are more Buddha statues in the palace, but for convenience I classified them into the three categories.

    • The sitting Buddha is the most common.
      I have shown photos of the Buddha in a sleeping position, near death, with a peaceful posture, but readers didn’t seem to like that.

    • Hmm. No accounting for readers’ tastes. I have a sitting Buddha at home. Small. Copper. Probably Chines. And a Buddha head, most likely Thai. 17th century maybe? Might post them some day. Be good. (Om mani padme and all that)

    • You are exposed to many cultures and have a wide understanding and acceptance of things, my bro. I can’t expect all readers have that affinity. Having said that, I just post whatever I like posting in my blog.

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