24 thoughts on “WPC: Focus ( on Orchids in Kadoorie Farm ) 4

    • My brother, I hope all’s well with you and your family. Mom’s been in hospital for the last few days. I used to write quite a bit, my blog now degenerates into a photo blog which is something I don’t want.
      Please take care and keep in touch.

    • Quite understandable, my dear brother. Those are hard days for you. What do the doctors say about your mother? Prognosis? I wish she can still make it out of the hospital back to her home.

    • Well, my brother, we all know that this happen one day. When it does, all that can be done is to keep her comfortable. Easing the pain. And be with her. (More strength needed)

    • Have taken her to a doctor yesterday to ease her pain. But she was in big pain again last night, will have to take her to the oncologist again.
      Yes, trying to ease her pain and be with her as much as possible.

    • Yes, inevitable and somewhat depressing. So, please excuse me if my responses are brief.
      You are the only one on this blog who has always offered me good advice and comforting words.

    • No worry about “briefness” Brother Michael. I wish I could do more, but at least if I can offer some comfort, it something. Try to have a nice week-end. Flying to Paris tonight. Will let you know how it goes.

    • Oh Michael. I am so so sorry. And an apology for not replying. I’ve been ill myself and am currently in the hospital. Not serious just bothersome. I hope, I hope… it did not go as bad as you feared. Be strong my brother.

    • My bro, mom has been in hospital for two weeks now. In addition to cancer, she also developed blockages in the heart vessels. She is now counting her time.
      Sorry to hear that you are hospitalized also. Hope you will get well soon.
      I have basically suspended any blogging work.
      Best wishes,

    • I understand. I hope your mother is not in pain. That she is at peace. Knowing you are at her side. I also hope the doctors let her go when it’s time. When I took my mother to the hospital, I expressly forbade any kind of reanimation. No air tubes, no CPR. That they should let her go. In peace. Be strong brother Michael. I will think about you those days. As for me I’m out of the hospital. Nasty places. and recovering well at home. Hugs

    • My dear brother,
      Mom passed away 11:30, 26 July.
      I hold her hand for the whole night while she was moaning.
      Her intestines were swollen due to cancer.
      Although she was given oral morphine, the medicine wasn’t really absorbed.
      Then it was changed to infusion which worked better.
      She was anointed by a priest and we were at her death bed.
      We hold her hands, each telling her comforting words which appeared to be blissfully accepted.
      She left in peace; a very natural look.
      My cousin and husband flew into HK and headed straight to the hospital, just when the ECG still showed mom still has some blips.
      Hope you will recuperate quickly.
      With love from Michael

    • Dear brother Michael. I am ever so sorry. You cared for your mom as few people do. And I’m sure she knew that till the very end. You are a good son. And a god man. There never are any words of solace, just accept the fact that you did all that was in your power, and that, your mother is now at peace, beyond suffering and pain. And that is solace. Do take the next few days, weeks to care for yourself. You need to rest. We will be in touch. Love from your french bro. 🙂

    • Dear brother, what you said is so right. However, there are so many things to do in these few days; collecting doctor’s certification, cremation permit, register death in Govt office, funeral arrangements, arrange requiem mass,, arranging body to be transferred from mortuary to parlour, decide how to incorporate mom’s ashes to dad’s grave etc.
      I will give myself some proper rest once these are done. I also look forward to travel again and taking photos.
      Thanks for the kind words / sympathy you have shown me.
      Hope you have recovered from your health problem,

    • I know. Red tape is universal. But eventually it gets done. Then you can take a short break to collect your spirits, and definitely travel again. At leisure. And we will look forward to your pictures. One more thing: I think you told me your mother’s name, but I have forgotten. Shame on me. Could you remind me her name so she stays in my memory too? 🙂
      (I will write it down) 😉

    • I think no Govt will streamline the procedures for somebody who has passed away.
      The staff at the Govt hospitals have made it clear that their resources are not supposed to be used for people of mom’s age.
      My mother’s name is Wong Lai Wah, Dorothy.
      Best wishes,

    • The officials’ shame. And shame is very serious matter in Asia isn’t it? Not even worth fighting. I have written your mother’s name. Wong would be her family name and Lai-Wah her first name, right?

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