6 thoughts on “South Island, New Zealand 3

  1. Love the way you can whisk us round the world with your virtual shots Michael. 😊 one day Namibia, the next New Zealand … for the armchair traveller it’s a marvellous way to get the visual beauty of the various places.

    • Frankly speaking, I would have liked to blog / write upload images more, but I have no time as I have to attend to my mother who is in her last stage of life. Uploading a few images a day is my least effort undertaking 🙂

    • I understand, life’s pressures. Caring full time is an exacting role; cannot be easy preparing for a loved one’s last stage in life. My sincere wishes that her days are peaceful.
      I shall appreciate your posts Michael all the more knowing of your devotion.

    • I couldn’t sleep all night tonight caring for her sudden problem. I suppose this is all planned by God and nothing we do here can change His plan.
      Thanks for liking my blog!

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