Mama, Always Something There to Remind Me

I walk along the city streets you used to walk along with me
And every step I take reminds me of just how we used to be
Mama, well how can I forget you?
When there is always something there to remind me
Always something there to remind me………………………………….

This photo is posted in memory of my beloved mother who passed away last week.

The photo was taken in her early twenties.

90 thoughts on “Mama, Always Something There to Remind Me

  1. Dear Michael,
    my sincere condolences on your mother’s passing.
    She was a beautiful lady. Thank you for sharing her picture with us.
    Most cordially,
    Claudia πŸ™‚

  2. I’d like to say that it gets easier. I would but it would be a lie. What gets easier is accepting. Acceptance that what we have left is the memories that make us smile but not the person who did. In my life, I lost something like 27 close family members and friends in the space of the last few years. Each time, it was horrifying. But, I’ve come to starting to accepting this. The anniversary of my sister’s death is right around the corner now. I heard a song as I was driving earlier this afternoon. It brought a flood of memories and tears. The best that I have for you is to say that while I only know you here, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    • I accept that mom has gone and won’t be with us anymore – until we meet again in heaven – but that doesn’t ease the pain.
      Memory will erode – wont be thinking or crying that many times a day.
      There will be little things which remind me of her every now and then as our bond is very strong.
      Thanks for your comment,

  3. She was a beautiful woman and will remain more beautiful deep in your heart. Treasure your memories they offer us peace and comfort in our grief until that glorious day when we will all be reunited for eternity.

  4. What a beautiful looking lady! She looks kindly and very charming.Michael! Yes your spirits will glide together in a heavenly place I feel sure, because of your love and compassion toward each other .Regards Diane.

    • Unless readers are turned off by the posting, as a blogger, I feel it is a right place to express one’s feelings and emotions
      Thank you, Audrey!

  5. So sorry for your loss. My mom passed away in 2013. There is never a day that passes I do not think of her and my father. He passed away in 2015. Take care.

  6. My mom passed away 7 years ago and those things that are all around reminding you of her now may come with tears, but they will change into smiles eventually. You will always miss her but those memories will bring lots of comfort forever. Beautiful photo!

  7. My mother passed a few years ago. I hope it is ok to tell you directly from my heart, Michael, that I feel even closer to her now, (as I grow in appreciation for all she did for us), than I did when she was here.

  8. Yes, my brother. There will always be something to remind you of her… And that is how those who left us keep on living. Inside us. πŸ™‚ And they live on as long as we live on, as long as the last person to have known them lives on.

  9. My full condolences dear Michael, for your loss…Is a big one and a hard one….I lost my father before 6 months and I know the feeling loosing a parent.
    The memories and love you have shared, may keep your heart in peace and your spirit powerful,to remember her always.

    • Hi Denise, will have to pay my last tribute to my mom – wake / mass tomorrow and funeral / cremation the day after. It is so sad to say goodbye . . . . . . . .

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