Mom, I Miss You.

I knew that cancer was going to take you away eventually.

I just didn’t believe that eventuality would come so  unaware.

Never have I needed to deal with the brutality of missing you when I wake up.

Now that brutality would not even go away when I try to get to sleep.

Mom, I miss you.


46 thoughts on “Mom, I Miss You.

  1. Oh Michael. I’m so sorry. It is hard during those seconds that you can forget and then reality strikes and leaves you heartbroken all over.

    You will, I’m afraid, always have a piece of your heart missing. But you will adjust.

    I have found much comfort in my losses in the Harry Potter books, where loved ones come back periodically. It helps me.

  2. So sorry to hear of your mom’s passing, Michael.
    My mom has been gone for for 30 years. In fact I have outlived her already! She is in my thoughts all the time, especially with memories of her everywhere I look in my house! May you enjoy your memories of her! God bless you. ~Liz

  3. My dad left me on my birthday 3 years ago – he left a wide crater of emptiness in my life. The last time we spent together was so intense that i kept writing about it for the past three years. It helped tremendously. Now, I feel that he’s present with me all the time.
    Separations are hard – I wish you and your mother lots of peace.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. It is so hard when our loved ones leave us. I hope you are surrounding yourself with family, friends and all the wonderful memories you have of your Mother.

    • Yes, Marigold, support from the family and friends ( including bloggers) is very important to me in this difficult time. Many thanks for your kindness, Michael

  5. Dear Michael, My deepest sympathy. Words are not enough. They say that time heals… I don’t know about it, but this is the primordial deepest pain and it hurts and it will hurt. Hiding emotions for the sake of social conventions is terrible. You are in my thoughts. Be brave and don’t hide emotions.

    • Mom is dearest to me and vice versa; I am very much indebt to her as well.
      In my society, grown up man like me should hide their emotions – however, I am not one of those. The passing away of mom will remain long and deep in me. I hope my readers would pardon me from the emotions I have been expressing – they come from my heart and are not intended to make people sad. They helped to ease a bit of the pain but in fact I need a lot more.
      Many thanks for your kind thoughts and the kind words which are very much appreciated.
      Best wishes,

    • As I got older, I feel more and more that I have to be a real person, follow my emotions as well as my sensibility and be kind to all people in all walks of life.

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