Mom – The Last Night with You

I clearly remember all the details of spending that last night with you in the hospital.

I watched you suffered

as you moaned in pain.

I hold your hand endlessly, trying to ease your pain.

I asked for medical attention

but they did not come up with anything effective.

All I could do was to sit close by, praying for you.

In the morning, you went away and we have to part.

God finally eased your pain

but broke my heart.


41 thoughts on “Mom – The Last Night with You

  1. Mum is at a better place than us humans now. My mum told me once that passing on is a process that every living being have to go through. Be happy that they have completed their cycle and cherish the memories and moments with them. Always remember, one day it will be our turn. It’s a sad truth.

    • Sorry for spreading these sadness. These were the things come to mind when I wake up in the morning and started blogging.
      Thanks for your kind thoughts πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Michael,
    Sincere condolences on the sad loss of your mother. Losing someone we love is always hard. May all the happy memories of time spent together help bring you comfort. Grieving is one day at a time: it does grow easier after a while. Expressing your feelings in poetry will help you to get through difficult days and weeks to come.

    • Hi Decima,
      I am glad that you write.
      Yes, I have to divert myself to think of the good times we have together which will give me comfort and reduce the pain.
      I suppose time heals.
      Some of the posts I upload recently express my emotions when I wake up in the morning and knowing mom is no longer with me.
      I hope by writing them and expressing my feelings, they help me to pass through this difficult period.
      Hope I am not spreading the sadness.
      Thanks once again for your kind thoughts,

  3. Sorry for your loss of your mom. It’s difficult for the ones left behind. The one who suffered the pain has gone and is free of pain. The only comfort is that they no longer suffer. We are now only cherished with the good memories. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Dear Michael:

    Your little poem is beautiful and sincere. I think it is good for you to continue to write whenever you feel like to. Indeed writing poems will help you going through this difficult time. I always thought you took good pictures but never really knew that you wrote so well. Please continue to share your thoughts and feelings through your pictures and poetry.


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