Xi’an City Wall

The wall was built in the fourteenth century and has been rebuilt several times.

This is one of the most beautiful, largest and well preserved Chinese fortified walls.

At the top, the wall is wide at around 50 feet.

On plan, the wall is rectangular and enclosing a very large protected area of houses.

To add to the beauty, the wall is surrounded by a moat.

The Bell Tower at Xi’an, China

This is one of the places we longed to visit.

We realize the best time to visit is night time when the bell tower is lit up.

The tower was constructed with timber and bricks in 1384, Ming Dynasty and is one of the best example of its type in China.

It houses some bells including ancient ones from the Tang Dynasty.

Looks pretty at night – but this is definitely not how it looks in the Ming Dynasty when there were barely any electric bulbs!



HuaShan – My Wife Disappearing into the Mist

On the whole trip I was trailing behind my wife.

She has a lighter build; practices yoga and recently into training her muscle as well.

I haven’t been exercising for a while and carrying a heavy backpack with water and a relatively heavy camera.

We walked along a narrow and slippery ridge of a mountain with mist on both sides and couldn’t see much further ahead.

This narrow strip we walked reminded me of Moses walking across the sea with our Lord helping him to part the waters.

Luckily, there were chains on both sides to demarcate the edges of the ridge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .