13 thoughts on “WPC: Window of the World – Another View through a Window of the Dubrovnik Wall, Croatia

    • Micheal, I doing okay … my feet could be a lot better, but it’s what it’s. Thank you for asking. I hope things are okay with you and your dear ones too.

    • I am just back from my trip to Xi’an which includes a 5 hours hike of the most difficult HuaShan mountain in China. . . . . . the result is that my feet remains sore for three days now.
      Hope your feet is getting better 🙂

    • I can image that your feet are sore … 5 days hike – I can hardly make a day at a shopping mall. *laughing. By the way I’m looking at returning to Hong Kong in 2019 – my friends 75th birthday. Which time of the year is the best … looking at April, am I wrong ???

    • April is Spring time. when the temperature is not that high and the rainy season has earnestly started. The alternative time will be November -when temperature is not high, not much rain and outside the typhoon season. I would say both months are good.

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