21 thoughts on “WPC: Window of the World – A View of the Ruins, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  1. Today I challenge you for the 7 days 7 photos challenge leigharobbins.wordpress.com/2017/10/14/7-days-7-photos-a-black-and-white-challenge-day-2/ I hope you can join in on the fun!

    • I am right now in Xian, five hours difficult climb of HuaShan mountain yesterday, will visit Terracotta today.
      Glad to learn that you will be visiting Asia; will be pleased to know your itinerary.
      China has disallowed WhatsApp and Gmail etc, I am glad that they have not blocked WordPress.bye for now!

    • I can do the long walks if temperatures are below 30 degrees, if the paths are not wet after rain. This means I can’t do much walks at all in the Summer months ( Summer is getting longer with climate changes).
      The truth is that I didn’t do any walks this year – having to attend to mom. Muscles do reduce quickly if we do not do exercise. For the hike in HuaShan, for most of the time, we were on steep narrow steps, this has over stressed the leg muscle.

  2. I like the angle of this photo a lot. The slight diagonal, feels more powerful than straight on. A stronger sense of being drawn in. The reds and greens in the stone bring a sense of aliveness, of time, seasons passing.

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