10 thoughts on “The Fire Dragon Dance in the Mid Autumn Festival (2)

    • This year, Mid-Autumn festival falls on 5 September. Thedate of this festival varies each year as it is based on the Lunar Calendar – and depends whether there is a leap year etc. The Lunar calendar adds a Leap Month every several years.

    • Sorry, I was incorrect. It should be % Oct as the other blogger indicated. This year we didn’t celebrate the festival , as according to Chinese customs, when a parent passed away, there will be no celebration of the festivals including CYN for quite some time.

    • I must have pressed the shift key, % and 5 are on the same button. 5 Oct this year is correct, it will be on a different day each year.
      Still missing my mom, went to the church to pray this morning.

    • Very true, I can’t force myself to forget her and there is no way to do so. Today is the Double Ninth Festival – it was for the memory of the deceased but now China made it almost a parents day. I have just left a short note on my mom’s memorial Guestbook.

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