HuaShan – the Steepest Mountain in China

I told myself that I needed a break.

Mom has passed away for over two months; I need to get away so that I won’t just sit here mourning over her passing.

My wife has arranged this somewhat difficult trip for the two of us.

We were to fly to Xi’an, China.

The two main destinations that we were to visit included the Terracotta Army and the HuaShan mountains.

The HuaShan mountains are very steep with several of its peaks at over 2000 metres above sea level.

The lowest Northern peak reaches a level of over 1600 m.

The trails mainly consist of very steep and narrow stairways.

The tread widths are very small, many visitors have to ascend / descend in a side way manner while holding onto steel chains mounted on the side.

These endless steps continues for hours, overstressing the leg muscles.

When we reached the mountains, the temperature was less than 10 degrees Celsius.

It rained in the last few days and when we started the sky was overcast.

The rain has made the steps and the narrow mountain rocky ridges slippery and very difficult to negotiate.

What we didn’t expect was that the sky gradually cleared up and what appeared before our eyes was a sea of clouds penetrated by the mountains.

We were there at the right place and the right time.

The above is one of the many pictures with fascinating clouds I have taken; please enjoy.





46 thoughts on “HuaShan – the Steepest Mountain in China

  1. Great mountainous terrain! I am glad you are having a well deserved break. Time will heal your loss. Rejoice in her life and not mourn her death. Celebrate the memories and your mum’s achievements. You are a product of her and she is very proud of you, I am sure as she looks down from heaven above to bless you and your loved ones. Garfield hugs Michael. Live life! Celebrate her life. Do not mourn her loss. This is how I see it and when the time comes for my parents to leave me, this is how I must do it, once we get past the loss and sadness. It is easier said that done and I recognize it. Take heart and have a good break my friend.

  2. A sad loss for all of us but also a message to increase awareness in this blogging community. I do respect your decision and count myself as fortunate to see your work as intended. Léa

    • Hi Michael. I am so glad you stopped by. Due to computer issues I have lost quite a few of the blogs I followed and as I can, rejoin. I have missed your wonderful posts and now can once again enjoy your work. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi Lea, I am starting to travel a bit more and putting more efforts into blogging after mom has passed away recently as I am now free of my duty as a carer. You are always welcome to peruse my posts.
      Regards, Michael

    • Hi Michael, please accept my condolences on your loss. There will be many who will look forward to sharing in your travels via your posts and I count myself among those fortunate ones. I have a dear friend visiting currently so it may be awhile before I can make even a small attempt at catching up on all the blogging posts I have missed but I shall also be armed with some of my own new photos from the journeys Rita and I are making before her return to California.
      Kind regards, Léa

  3. Wow, Michael: So glad that you have finally made your trip to Huang Shan. And lucky you, you have seen the sea cloud. Your picture is very beautiful. Can you share more?
    I went to Huang Shan in 2005 after a big family trip back to my grandfather’s village. It was a very memorable trip. Hiking is not my interest but I made it with our big family group (40 people including cousins from everywhere) with lots of difficult hiking. My most recent adventure is hiking at Machu Picchu in Peru. Just came back two weeks ago. Comparing with Huang Shan, it is much more difficult! I have been very lazy in writing blogs. Will share some of my photos later.


    • I agree that misty mountains may have spirits.
      On this trip to HuaShan, while going up the mountains, a golden moth stuck to my backpack for at least 30 minutes and refused to go away.
      My immediate thought was – it may be my deceased mom who may want to travel with me or at least to tell me that she was with me.
      Coming back, I Googled and found that moths are known in the Western and oriental cultures to represent spirits. Is this strange?

  4. The Golden Moth is a beautiful symbol for the spirit & I don’t find it strange at all. Your mom may have wanted to let you know she is with you in spirit always no matter where you go or what you do. It is wonderful the Golden Moth turns out to represent spirits in both cultures. I believe the spirits are around us to protect and guide us. Maybe from recent passing or from other times. You take care of yourself. Stay safe. ❣

    • I hope that was really mom trying to tell me she was / is with me. Many thanks, The Secret Keeper.
      PS I tried to click into your blog from WordPress a couple of times, it was directed to a Japanese blog. Do you know the reason?

  5. Try using the link: It works. I had to drop the ‘the’ a while ago due to Google condemning my blog for being dangerous. It wasn’t true but I couldn’t get them to listen so I changed my blog link & was able to keep all my content. The above link should do it. Weird you get a Japanese Blog. I will have to check that out. Someone bought my link & tried to sell it back to me. The Japanese blog may own it now. Hope to see you at the new Link.

    • A couple of days ago, I clicked your link in WP under your message and got the Japanese blog twice. Think it’s now OK and I can peruse your good blog!

  6. Thank you Michael. I did check the Japanese blog. No idea what my old link has to do with their content. I will do my best to keep ‘the secret keeper’ continuously amusing . entertaining . informative . and enlightening. I love you share your journeys on your blog . otherwise I would not see the mystical and beautiful places you share. Bless you for your adventurous nature.

    • I still end up in the Japanese site when clicking the link in the Message box. Hope this is not distracting viewers who want to go to your blog. Take care, Michael

  7. I’m so sorry for your loss, I’m sure your mother will be so happy to see you taking on new adventures and sharing your photography with the world ❤️

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