Traffic Jam in Mid- Air when there was Complete Mist in HuaShan Mountain

This is a stunning picture.

Visitors jammed together at great heights on the trail of the steepest mountain in China.

The ledge was too narrow for visitors to bypass.

Just imagine, some years ago, there was no guard rail ; all you have were some steel chains on the mountain side to hold on to.

The mist made things even more frightening.

To be honest, I didn’t join the crowd on seeing the traffic jam and turned backwards.

What a sight!

25 thoughts on “Traffic Jam in Mid- Air when there was Complete Mist in HuaShan Mountain

    • It’s a big (steep?) step! I don’t think my knees can handle those steps. But I heard that you can hire someone to carry you up, yes? πŸ˜‰ I heard that is scary too.

    • You have two choices:
      Take a cable car to the highest West Peak and hike all the way down to the lowest East Peak. It can hurt your knees with every step you descend. You may have to descend with your body sideway and hold on to the chains. That may twist your muscle / tendon on repeated motion.
      Or you can take a cable car to the lowest East Peak and hike up more than 400m to the West Peak. There is a big demand on your breathing and leg muscle too.
      The alternative is to be lazy, take the cable car up and down the West Peak; just gazing out near to the peak.
      It will be difficult to hike all five or four peaks in a day.

    • Thanks, again, Michael. All these detailed info really helps. I will definitely forget about it πŸ˜‰ I wish I took the trip when I was younger.
      Take care.

    • Helen, that’s OK if you took the cable car up, stay near to the stations enjoying the views and walk only a little , before getting back on the same cable route.

    • This is the most scary section. Years ago, many visitors took pictures here when they walk this trail without the guardrail. I’ll definitely follow you turning back πŸ™‚

  1. Ha ha I definitely did not go there…
    Perhaps you need to tell your readers that locals carried everything to the top of the mountain where the hotel was ….all the things we use and eat…

  2. I only found 4 pix in my Huang Shan album in my first Shutterfly website. These 4 pictures are about locals carrying everything up the hill. I think I will write a post with these four pix. May I?

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