HuaShan – A Journey into the Mist

As we ascended HuaShan the mist started to dissipate.

What we saw in the cable car was  mist inter-bedded in layers of mountains.

The sky hasn’t cleared up and we didn’t know what to expect at the other end of our cable car journey.

Going higher up, rain fell and the cable car windows became blurred.

I was happy to take some shots before it occurred.




4 thoughts on “HuaShan – A Journey into the Mist

  1. Lovely layering of mist and mountains. Delicate and rugged. I like the contrast between the misty mountains and the cables stretching down into the distance, carrying the cable cars suspended like musical notes. This adds a whole new dimension of depth and a blending of nature and human creation that I enjoy seeing.
    I am so glad you captured this image. Thank you for sharing.

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