12 thoughts on “A Bronze Engraving of Lotus Flowers and Leaves at the Giant Goose Tower in Xian

  1. Hi Michael:

    It is serendipity! I didn’t check out WP in the last few days since we last communicated. Today, a YouTube video on Xian (4 K) suddenly came up. It was about the people and the busy modern city of Xian. Then tonight, when I checked out WP, I found your photos on Xian! Did you go to Xian after Huang Shan trip? I went there many years ago, like 2002. It was already very modern. Wow today it is even more modern and busy. It is because the Terracotta Warrior brought a lot of tourists there. The city is rich. I need to go back there.

    BTW, all your photos are so beautiful. You MUST publish a photo book! A blog is not enough to present your photography. I just watched Charlie Rose interviewing a photographer who just published a very big photo book . She is also a journalist. Charlie Rose asked her how it is comparing her journalist and photographer roles. She said photography has given her satisfaction that journalism cannot. I believe journalists are more frustrated these days due to politics. But photography is art. Who would not prefer art to politics!

    Always enjoy your posts! Thanks for sharing.


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