Etiquette for Re blogging

Is there an etiquette for reblogging?

I am sure there is. Anyone who wants to reblog other people’s post should first read about it, if he / she is not sure.

I am not going to elaborate what this etiquette is as the details can be easily Googled.

A month ago, I have decided not to let people to reblog my post any more as some people have been violating this etiquette badly.

I have asked one of these people not to reblog my post, but he / she refused.

Now, this guy has left WordPress after quite a few years of blogging or, what should I say, reblogging.

I have nothing to do with his leaving of the WordPress but presume that somebody has taken some action.

I believe Reblogging , if properly carried out, is a good thing.

Would I change my mind to allow people to reblog my post?

No, because I have no confidence that the etiquette of reblogging would be observed by everybody.

My dear blogging friends, here, I wish you happy blogging and please carry on with the good work πŸ™‚

PS Β The above are some flowers from Bhutan





12 thoughts on “Etiquette for Re blogging

    • Intersting!
      I have been teaching part time at a local university. They have a special software to screen through all submitted thesis to make sure that there is no plagiarism! Of course, this is followed by critique by the supervisors.

    • If the software detected that it has xx% of plagiarized material, it will be rejected. Then there is no need to examine the thesis until it has been amended and retested.

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