16 thoughts on “WPC: Temporary? Hope the Ginkgo Leaves will last Forever – A Photo taken in Japan by my Friend YM Chan

    • I have been through similar things – there are people who cannot give – because of physical difficulties , who care only about themselves, who stay away across the globe and never has the heart etc. Just imagine that you are the only child and you would feel much happier!

    • Thank you Michael for knowing how I feel. I am grateful as I never see it your way till now. Sad to be in it but I gotta stay strong for my elderly parents as they have no one.

    • You will be happy that you have helped them when they are in need, particularly after you loose them. I have lost my mom several months ago ( and my dad several decades ago). I am glad that I have treated my mom particularly well during her last stages of life.
      Spend time with them, make them feel comfortable and pamper them if possible. To them, you are just a guardian angel!

    • I will heed your advice Michael. I know how sweet and kind you were to your mum. Thank you very much my friend for your kind advice. 感恩您的好心意。 💕💕🤗🤗

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