Progress with My Chinese Calligraphy

Have been learning Chinese calligraphy for almost five years now.

Prior to taking lessons, I knew nothing about the art nor the technique.

As always, I tried to do the minimum, which means every week I only wrote one piece to satisfy the homework requirement and hand it for the teacher’s critique.

Calligraphy requires a great deal of practicing to perfect it and also a lot of concentration and peacefulness when writing.

In the last three years, I loose that concentration and peacefulness as I was fighting alongside my mom in her battle against cancer.

That courageous battle is now lost. I am now slowly regaining that concentration and I am having a new teacher who is patient and kind to me.

The piece I am showing is an imitation of a calligraphy piece of the Ming Dynasty.

The characters have a flowing cursive style; letters are jam packed together.

This method of presentation is known as ” random stones scattered on a pavement”.