Progress with My Chinese Calligraphy

Have been learning Chinese calligraphy for almost five years now.

Prior to taking lessons, I knew nothing about the art nor the technique.

As always, I tried to do the minimum, which means every week I only wrote one piece to satisfy the homework requirement and hand it for the teacher’s critique.

Calligraphy requires a great deal of practicing to perfect it and also a lot of concentration and peacefulness when writing.

In the last three years, I loose that concentration and peacefulness as I was fighting alongside my mom in her battle against cancer.

That courageous battle is now lost. I am now slowly regaining that concentration and I am having a new teacher who is patient and kind to me.

The piece I am showing is an imitation of a calligraphy piece of the Ming Dynasty.

The characters have a flowing cursive style; letters are jam packed together.

This method of presentation is known as ” random stones scattered on a pavement”.

47 thoughts on “Progress with My Chinese Calligraphy

  1. 🙂 Dear Michael,

    I have no idea what it says, but your writing looks beautiful!
    Hope your holidays have been peaceful and nice, despite you and your family missing your mother.

    Kind regards from Vienna,
    Claudia 🙂

  2. I know nothing about caligraphy other than the fact that it’s a beautiful artform in its own right.
    I’m so sorry about your mother but I am glad you’ve taken this beautiful skill up again. I’m sure she would be proud.

  3. It is a beautiful piece of art you made, Michael. Slow and steady, we will all make progress – and sounds like you have learned a lot over the years. Take care. Best wishes for the year ahead and looking forward to more photos from you 🙂

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