8 thoughts on “Flowers for the New Year 3

  1. Dear Mr Lai, I just wanted to explain that, although I enjoy your photos as much as always, and would love to like them, as usual, each time I do click like one of them, that doesn’t fit my theme, is attached to a blog of mine that was stolen from my sight, despite copyright statement, and sent, via a page called Ramana’s Musings, via India to a large body of readers. I caught them recently when I unattached a mysterious link to my page and found that your pictures, and often those of another photographer, had been attached. Sorry, I can no longer like. But I still love your work.

    • Dear Mr Lai, All I can tell you is that when I unhooked my page from a link that should not have been there, a link to a page called Rummuser.com, I found that the page has an India origin, and that one of my pages, about winter, contained a winter photo I had “liked,” without my permission. this also happened with a photo of yours about flamingos, and the photographer tpjennings photos are also involved. There is also a link to a page called Hove Press, that is being used to sign into my page- Hove Press once was very reputable, but has now apparently been sold. I just wanted to let you know I would never use your work without permission, so someone is stealing, as they have stolen several blogs from my draft box, and have published things on my page that are not from me. If you see a long diatribe on my “about” page, please let me know. It also was flashed at me, but I didn’t write it. I hope you can find the person involved, if you decide to pursue this, and wish you and your family happy holidays.

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