18 thoughts on “WPC: Weathered ( at Angkor Wat , Cambodia ) 2

    • Happy New year to you and your loved ones too, my Bro!
      I am glad that you finally made it to Asia and Angkor in particular, after many years, I suppose.
      Hope your trip has been interesting and rewarding.
      All the best 🙂

    • Understandably so. Works the same for you in a reverse mode. Now, to be honest, now that I’ve done it? It is manageable. I will do it again. (And maybe include HK?) 😉

    • It is manageable.
      For work, I have been flying HK to LA back and forth in 60 hours times. Total 30 hours of flight and 30 hours of sleep and meetings. Just crazy!

    • One good thing was that I did not suffer from jet lag – only 60 hours away from HK. But I could have been exposing to radiation on the plane 30 hours out of 60 hours – not very good.

    • I have to do it even after we have video conferencing – that was ridiculous.
      The video conferencing required me to do it in the office midnight to suit other global offices.
      The teleconferences required me to do it 6am or 11:00pm for an hour or too, year after year.
      We also have to present our PP in the conferences using VPN etc too.
      I got so fat up with these and therefore retired and started my retiree diary!

    • I would have liked to contribute my knowledge for the build up of infrastructure in the world but didn’t want to do that anymore. I then became an Adjunct Professor teaching part-time in the University of Hong Kong but I had to stop because of the illness of my mother.
      Just recently, my previous American firm was blacklisted by Blackrock as they don’t like companies involving in the nuclear business.

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