A Lake in the Baltic – Would you prefer the Original or the HDR Version?

Recently, I have been converting some of my photos into HDR photos to understand the effects.

Here are two photos which I have been playing around with; the original photo was taken on the bank of a lake Galve where the Trakai Castle was located.

It was a very serene scene with some beautiful clouds too.

The one below was a converted version.

The clouds here look more dramatic and shows more details,

but I rather like the mood of the original picture.

What do you think?

32 thoughts on “A Lake in the Baltic – Would you prefer the Original or the HDR Version?

  1. I tend to agree with what you say. The feel is so different in these two images. I like the sense of calm I experience when looking at the first version.

  2. The HDR picture has foliage top left blurred which is a distraction and though everything seems lighter in that picture so the trees can be seen better, the original picture carries more mood for me and the water looks just a little more choppy.

  3. I think HDR picture emphasises the details of the scene while the original keep the lake its serene feelings. Both are beautiful 🙂

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