10 thoughts on “The Light that Shone through the Incense Smoke at Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong

  1. I have never visited this temple before. Interesting. I only visited Wong Tai Sin. What is this temple famous for, in terms of miracles? Eg Tin Ho is for seafarers.

    • The following is from the man Mo Temple website, hope you will find it useful:
      “Man” literally means civil while “Mo” is martial. The Man Mo Temple is dedicated to the King Emperor Man and Holy King Emperor Kwan. The two gods were human. Man, the Civil God, known as Cheung Ah Tse was born in 287A.D. during the Chin dynasty. He was said to have jurisdiction over the destinies of the lives of government officials. He was granted the title “King -Emperor Man Cheong” by an emperor in Yuan dynasty. Kwan, the Martial God, is known as Kwan Wan Cheung, Kwan Tai or Kwan Yue. He was born in 160A.D. during the period of Three Kingdoms. He was a great warrior and was always associated with righteousness and loyalty. He was deified by an emperor of the Ming dynasty as “Martial God”. Kwan Tai is also well worshipped on his own. There are many Kwan Tai Temples in Hong Kong too.

    • Hey thanks for teaching me! I remember Kwan Gong is worshipped in HK police stations. I watch alot of TVB cantonese serials haha! I really appreciate it. Thanks😄

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