20 thoughts on “The Mist at Hua Shan ( Mountain ) 1

    • Right in the middle! If we drive two hours west we hit one coast and an hour east another coast. Unfortunately we get a lot of hurricanes but since are in the middle of the state, not as many as the very south end gets. The rain brings constant green and flowers year round

    • Oh no no. You are an exquisite photographer!!!!
      Clearwater is where my husband grew up. It is a few hours from here too. The beaches are beautiful.
      I will visit the site immediately. Thank you so much for sharing

    • The original idea of my blog was to write something, perhaps every day, to myself; but since readers seem to be more interested in my photos, it has now become a photo blog 🙂
      You and you husband are blessed to live in FL.

    • That is ironic. My blog began to shed light on abuse and PTSD and my story of healing from abuse and everything in between. Then it turned into my wheelchair walks and the photos I would take to stay mindful. Then it turned into photos every day and now only the occasional thoughts from my brain!
      I will have to go back through your blog and look to your beginnings. I love to do that on blogs. See where they have come from and the path they have taken and where they are now.
      I was writing for my own therapy and to connect to other survivors of abuse. I did not want them to feel the shame I had felt so I thought if I shared overcoming my shame it would help. And….now I post photos and I know nothing about photography!!!

    • Yeah, I read your About page and gather some of that. You just don’t know where Blogging leads you and, for that matter, where life leads you 🙂

    • Oh, my husband would rather be in cooler temperatures. He visited Alaska only once and said he could move there any day! I get cold when it drops to 60 degrees.

    • I don’t have an account or I would have commented. Thank you. It was a spectacular photo. You have a gifted family!

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