10 thoughts on “Crowd Disappointed that the Sun has already set, Xinjiang

  1. looks like a beautiful sunset to me and it certainly was not over at that point. i still see lots of potential in that sky and the landscape is lovely.

    i had one a few days ago when the show did not start till the sun was long set. i wait them out and sometimes the best moments come close to dark.

  2. i watch for about 25 minutes after sun has set. if the show has not started by then, it is mostly over. sometimes for the really spectacular ones it can go on till near dark. when the shutter speed is so low that the pictures are blurry, i know it is time to go.

  3. i do find it amazing that so many people were gathered there to watch. it is my favorite time to be out. i enjoy it whether the sunset is awesome or not. i get exercise and air either way. it is a pleasure looking into the distance after staring at screens all the time. sometimes the sky rewards with a spectacular display as a bonus.

    • Our original intention was to watch the sunset.
      Despite leaving hotel at 6:30, we only arrive there 9:30pm, after several unexpected delays. So, it was already a blessing we were there in time at the golden hours.

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