12 thoughts on “The Stupas at Borobudur Temple

    • My memory is faulty, I thought this image was the top — but no, that would be the (mostly headless) images of the Buddha, am I right? All those decades ago, hardly any visitors, so we had the enchantment of being quiet and solitary, unrushed, as we made the journey upward. I expect and hope that the tourist influx has meant more money for upkeep.

    • At the top, centrally, there is a big stupa which is plain and not photogenic.
      There are some changes now as compared with thirty years ago: stainless steel handrails installed on the side of steps, floodlights installed to illuminate the place at night time – affecting the appearance of the place.

    • I think I’m glad I saw it when I did. Same with my visit to Macchu Pichu, which also took place in the 1970s, long before the site was so heavily visited and heavily organized. On the other hand, it is probably better protected now (well, I hope so), and that is good.

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