The Sky Lanterns at the Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2

This is the main reason for making the trip to Chiang Mai and Chaing Rai at this time of the year, 22 November.

We were to assemble at the Northern Study Center of Chiang Mai where performances were held and food kiosk were  erected to provide snacks and drinks before the release of the sky lanterns.

Lion dances, kung fu were first performed on stage; followed by prayers.

A group of monks was there too to lead the meditation, chant and prayers before for the scheduled release of the sky lanterns.DSC00692

Four thousand people participated in the event and some 8,000 sky lanterns were released in the midst of fireworks and music, after everybody made their wishes.

The sight was spectacular and amazing – a sight which many people put on their bucket lists. Just imagine the atmosphere, the many lanterns released simultaneously, the fireworks, the Thai music and the “galaxy” of lights in the sky. It was most unforgettable.

We released our lanterns for our first time. The key was to lift the paper bag high up and steady while the hot air keep coming up from the specially prepared ring at the bottom of the lantern bag.

The event makes our trip there really worthwhile.