The Colorful Nyaung Market at Bagan

I didn’t know what to expect when I stepped into the Nyang U Market in Bagan.

The market is full of life.

The market is divided into different sections selling a variety of items and especially noteworthy, it includes a wet market.

One can find almost everything from fresh fish, vegetables, handicrafts, to Myanmar sarong (locals call it “longyi”).

It was fun shopping around and bargain.

The Nyaung U Market also offers a great chance to mingle with local people and know how they conduct their daily life. Most of the vendors are females; many of them just sat on the floor chatting to each other.

I have seen quite a few of the female vendors bringing their child to work.

They are not camera shy and sometimes give us a nice smile back.

It was interesting to watch how crafters turn a block of plain wood into a work of art, smell the scent of local rice, encounter friendly people daubed with yellow face powder (local sunblock “thankaka”) on cheeks, learn where the thankaka comes from,

It was a good opportunity to take some photos; which to me was a photo bug paradise.